Lucy Hale, Dove Cameron or Zendaya come out in defense of Bella Thorne before the accusations of Whoopi Goldberg | News


A few days ago, we told you why Bella Thorne he had shared a series of intimate photographs. It was his way of ending the blackmail of a hacker that had been done with them. Many applauded their gesture and their words, but also there are some who have not been able to understand it.

One of the that has been most critical of the actress has been Whoopi Goldberg. In the program The View that participates in the blame of what happened to Thorne: “If you’re famous, no matter what age you are, I will not do nude photos. If you don’t know this in 2019, it is your problem. Sorry, but you can’t be surprised if someone hack into, especially if you have this type of photos in your phone.”

The face of those words of accusation, the young actress came down and, between tears, he wanted to answer to the veteran with a speech without filters: “Dear Whoopi, I have loved you for a long time but, honestly, I’m very disgusted and saddened by your response. Do you blame the girls for the photo in the first place? It is sick and honestly, disgusting. What a girl can’t send to your boyfriend, who you miss so much, your photos sexy, things that you have already seen? Do I, as a woman, should be scared as I walk home to do anything with the phone? Is this how you want our women? What to be afraid of your sexuality? Is that what you want? I do not, and I am offended by anyone who has taken any time a sexy picture.

And he was not there the thing because he felt offended, and not only for them but for all women, famous or not, who have gone through this. “I’m offended by Jennifer Lawrencewhich felt publicly violated. I am offended for every person who committed suicide because someone leaked her nudes. Your opinion on this topic is really awful and I hope that you change your mindset because you’re in a program aimed at young girls,” he said.

Immediately, Thorne has counted with the support of other actresses young people who have been doing their part and that they do not understand the reaction of Goldberg. Lucy Hale, Zendaya or Dove Cameron they have positioned themselves.

“When your friends come out to support you, is all that you need to be brave. Part one, and thanks to Dove Cameron for talking so much about this subject and post it in your wall,” wrote Thorne in their networks.

“All you need is support to be the second part of valour. Zendaya called me today to make sure I was ok. We talk a lot about this generation, the previous one also, and that they, as women, we should not feel bad for our body. Label of prostitute is one of the biggest topics of this generation but even so, we continue forward. It is really very sad,” he continued.

It seems that this issue has sensitized a lot of the new generations of women who are not willing to feel guilty for something that they don’t feel they have done wrong.