Luis Miguel, mark a Kim Kardashian of the hand of Uber Eats



For years, Luis Miguel remains virtually retired from public life at the margin of the tours continues and the series about his life starring Diego Boneta, which has been recorded with your permission and on which he made a very short cameo.

For that same reason has proved to be a real shock to all their fans that now has come back with a project that has nothing to do with the music.

The Sun of Mexico has followed in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian by partnering with Uber to star in the latest ad for its service, food service, Uber Eats.

The video, which you can see in his Twitter profile, has become viral on social networks and has inspired memes of all kinds by the refined taste of the singer. And is that, as a good gourmet, Luis Miguel is not opted for fast food at the time of placing your order; instead, opt for a fettuccine with a sauce of white truffles and parmesan cheese for dinner.

Of course, the announcement could not miss the opportunity to make reference to some of their most famous songs and, after receiving the bag with your food, the interpreter is dismissed by saying: “My unconditional friend”.

The big question is raising now Twitter is how much you would have paid to Luis Miguel gave his image to the company. To get an idea of what could be the figure, Kim pocketed $ supposedly $ 1.3 million for an ad that lasted less than 40 seconds and which, however, was a success.