Luis Miguel returns with trading of Uber Eats

Luis Miguel reappeared with commercial Uber Eats

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Luis Miguel reappeared with commercial Uber Eats

Interesting news of the day begin with the reappearance of Luis Miguel, who returned to give that talk on account of a tv commercial.

Also, the tips of Laura Bozzo in the middle of the quarantine, the protest of Salma Hayk after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police and the bailecito of Mauricio Ochmann in TikTok, are news.

If you want to know about these and other news of the day, read here:

1. Luis Miguel returns with commercial foods

Luis Miguel is one of the famous that little or almost nothing likes to show herself in front of the reflectors, and just when many were wondering how he was the singer in the middle of the quarantine of the COVID-19, which is reportedly going in his yacht to Miami, the mexican reappeared and mass level.

Since yesterday began circulating a television commercial and social media, in which allegedly observed the interpreter of “The Unconditional” by an advertisement for the company of the addresses of food Uber Eats.

“This evening I am going out to dinner fetuchini sauce with white truffles and parmesan cheese, my unconditional friend”, as we hear the protagonist of the ad, elegantly dressed in white, while posing next to a piano.

And although many fans of Sol de Mexico is delighted with the trade, there were others who doubted that concerned really of Luis Miguel, for some details that look different, and they asserted that it is an imitator.

2. Salma Hayek raises his voice against killing of George Floyd

There have been many voices of protest that have risen after the manner, as a man of the black race, identified as George Floyd, died last Monday at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, who suffocated on the floor, after putting his knee on the nape of the neck for almost 9 minutes. And Salma Hayek could not stay quiet.

The actress, who is also a recognized activist and advocate of human rights, hanged himself in his Instagram a video, protesting against the death of Floyd and demanded justice. “Already was enough a long time ago. How many more lives will be lost before this is over? #justiceforgeorgefloyd”, said the protagonist of the film “Frida”.

3. The message of Laura Bozzo to those who mourn in quarantine

Laura Bozzo has become a voice of encouragement in the midst of the quarantine of the COVID-19, and this time took advantage of their networks to ask her fans that instead of lamenting, take a positive attitude.

“I have written many, many people that are struggling, no longer resist the quarantine, have been aware that the husband of the cheating. To others, who have compounded their problems with the partner, but there are also others that have been fixed, that have been amistado, in addition to everything else, but I want to say something: ‘enough of negative thoughts, bring them out of your mind, open your mind, look at the first thing that you have to your around and thank you”, said the peruvian in his Instagram. “I love getting up in the morning and say: ‘thank you God for all the blessings. Thank you God because I am alive’. I look in the mirror and say: ‘zero negative thoughts’. The truth that it attracts the good, and of truth, it works for me”.

4. Mauricio Ochmann boasts of his talent as a salsa

Mauricio Ochmann is one of the best actors of the small screen, but what many did not know is that the ex Aislinn Derbez is also an excellent dancer.

So boasted the mexican, through a TikTok which made dancing one of the songs most emblematic of the salsa world: “the Rebellion”.

The fun clip, was so successful, that in a few hours it became viral in social networks, and step ensured that the actor received the well-deserved title of “salsa nato”.

5. Died actor from Saturday Giant Pepe Tapia

Don Francisco was reported Wednesday in the death of actor and comedian Pepe Tapia, one of the most emblematic figures of the late show Saturday Giant.

Tapia, 78, remembered for giving life to the famous Boyfriend Rupert, who was trying to get the woman of your dreams, without much success, he died in the city of Santiago of Chile, leaving very sad to Don Francisco.

Dies comedian Pepe Tapia by coronavirusMore information on” Follow us on our social networks: Twitter Instagram Telegram Facebook #News #Chile #T132020-05-27T21:36:12Z

“Great person, comedian, actor, and comedian. Today, we say goodbye with regret to Pepe Tapia, who made an outstanding contribution to the humor of our #SabadosGigantes of ??. Unforgettable characters such as the eternal groom Rupert, remain forever in our memory. Rest in peace Pepe!!!”, was the comment with which the moderator chilean announced the sad news about the actor, who since 2008 was suffering from alzheimer’s disease.

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