Maluma was left to see, smiling with his most prized acquisitions


The colombian received millions of reactions.

Thanks to his musical talent and the great success they have had all their own songs and collaborations with other artists, Maluma it has been enshrined as one of the most influential of the present day.

With the help of his charisma, the colombian singer has been known to roam the rhythms more popular, to conquer the hearts of millions of fans that it has around the world.

And for nobody is a secret that all of the fame that it enjoys the dark can only mean one thing: a vast fortune. Something that he himself has boasted about their most recent publications.

In the social network highlights its extensive mansion, which has a large patio and also swimming pool, exercise machines and a decoration very envied by those who have been able to appreciate your decorations through the “stories”.

For the artist of 26 years as is usual to be surrounded by luxuries and eccentricities, and also show them to their followers, although that has not been able to abandon his humility and way of being.

In one of his most recent posts, the ex of Natalia Barulich was left to see between two of its cars, which happen to be a couple of costly copies, in colors as intense as the personality of its owner.

The the interpreter of “What a shame” appears with a long sleeve shirt and a short, above the knee, lying on the red Ferrari, succumbing to a vice that very few of his fans knew him.

Just a couple of days have been uploaded to Instagram, the image of Maluma accumulated almost a million “likes”, and about 6 thousand comments praising his collection of cars.

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