Maradona in Sevilla: the Report, Robinson reflects his return after the doping in Italy and the fight with Bilardo


Maradona with Bilardo in Seville, a relationship that ended badly after having shared two world championships in the argentine Source: EFE

Seville accounted for Diego Maradona the opportunity to return to playing football after his first anti-doping test positive,

detected the march 17, 1991, after a match of


before Bari.

Cocaine hydrochloride

gave the sample and the Italian Federation of Football

suspended for 15 months.

It was a final tumultuous and controversial to its glorious cycle sports in Napoli.

Carlos Bilardo,

the technical director, which led to Maradona in the title of the World 1986 and the runner-up position in 1990, it had taken in Seville and asked for his contract, which ended in September 1992, after tough negotiations with Napoli and

the payment of $ 7.5 million.

The formula-technical director crack was away from work as he had done in the argentine. At 10 months of coexistence,

Maradona was fought with the doctor and abandoned land in andalusia.

The eventful stay in Maradona in Sevilla, not very different at other stages of his career, will be reflected by the Report of Robinson, in the issuance of this Thursday 28, to the 22, Spain, by the platform Movistar+. It will be the first documentary since the death of the footballer and journalist Michael Robinson, who in the media and the public reaped much praise for the tidy investigations and an attractive image editing. Born in England and based in Spain since 1989, Robinson spent two of their programs to the argentine football, one to evoke the Carved Carlovich, and another to draw an x-ray of the bars bravas.

In the progress of the programme entitled “Maradona in Sevilla”, are testimonies that reconstruct the arrival of the N° 10. The former president Jose Maria del Nido admitted that the hiring them

“was afraid”.

And he added: “The style of Carlos was to have everyone in the maximum point of tension for the group to surrender.

Carlos Salvador Bilardo was one of the best coaches,

in all of those senses, which has had Seville in her entire history. He proposed to the president (Luis Cuervas) the possibility of signing Diego Armando Maradona, to bring it back to the world of football.”

The Nest extended about the negotiations: “We spoke with (Mark) Franchi, who was their representative, and with (Daniel) Bolotnicoff, who was his attorney. Diego was sanctioned for doping in its last stage in Napoli. We propose to speak with Joseph Blatter, who was the president of the UEFA, to lift the sanction, incorporate the football and that was the image the football world Cup in the Usa 1994. He gave us fear. I think we gave him the chance to recover to an individual and the best footballer of that time.”

In another of the advances of the promotion, a voice of the club chronicles with rawness on the addictions of Maradona:

“Diego was a patient of the drug, cocaine.

When he arrived at Seville believed that was best, that there was an improvement in mental and personal. And then everything collapsed”.

The character uncontrollable he was living with the footballer, although his best days had already passed -in the land of andalusia turned 33-years, as was usual. “Maradona always spoke of putting together a championship team. It was an awesome show. It was the best footballer I saw in my career, and I’ve seen several. We were a group of unfriendly, a team that was wrestling, fighting,” adds a excompañero. This Seville also formed

Diego Simeone.

Maradona captain greets you in a match; your cycle in Seville did not arrive at the year
Maradona captain greets you in a match; your cycle in Seville did not arrive at the year Source: File

Maradona hated rival brands unfair, it was a time without Fair Play, or VAR, with a certain tolerance arbitration to violence.

“Diego was faced with real butchers”,

describes another voice. The exaquero Juan Carlos Unzué recalled the unparalleled technique of the argentine: “I remember the day that we were on the side of a pool, on a porch, sitting on a railing. Maradona was a ball of tennis, and I said, ‘John, for what side you want the drain’. I answered him that that was impossible and he told me ‘you tell me’. I remember what you did with the left leg and I still put the hairs on end”.

In an adventure that never made it to the year, Maradona played

29 games (26 League and three in the Copa del Rey) and scored seven goals (four and three).

Bilardo, who had recommended its incorporation, and ended up being a victim of the wrath of Maradona to receive an insult when he was replaced during a match by a blow to a knee. The link of Maradona with Sevilla was cut off so abruptly, but it left enough material to address Report Robinson in a documentary.

The day that he quarreled with Bilardo