Martin Scorsese has recorded a short film about the quarantine for the BBC


Martin Scorsese has confirmed to participate with a short specialrecorded during the quarantine by coronaviruses, in the program of the BBC Lockdown Culture With Mary Beard. The chapter, which is brand new today May 28,, offer a look ntima of various personalities from the world of culture about how to have dealt with the confinement to which they have been subjected to various passes in all the world. Lee Daniels also appear in the program, explaining why he believes that the current close in Hollywood you can be a creative opportunity for future filmmakers.

Martin Scorsese explains how he has lived with the idea of being confined

“What I hope in the future is to bring with me what I have been forced to learn under these circumstances”explained Scorsese about his experience isolation in statements gathered by THR. “For me it is the most vital and essential. The people that you love. To be able to take care of them and be with them as much as you can”, I said. Her short, form part of the each time ms broad catalogue of Lockdown Culture With Mary Beard, in which they have been involved various names such as Margaret Atwood and his sister-who had a theatre with puppets – or the visual artist islands-dans Olafur Eliasson -with a debate on the nature and art-has become a fenmeno within the chain britnica.

Scorsese claims that it has used the time to love his own

Also there will be space for poetry readings, section in which they have participated Helen Mirren and Emma Thompsonas well as Emilia Clarke of Game of thrones. “Martin Scorsese has a wonderful end to this series. Your testimony is very good, see you at home, thinking of confinement through the lens of the films clsicas, as False guilty of Hitchcock,” said the presenter of the space. “But what is really clever is that this great star of Hollywood and also makes us look to Hitchcock again through the lens of our current situation. I was absolutely thrilled when you accepted to do that for us. It feels a bit like being the host of a small premiere. And all contributes to a final amazing”, conclua. Scorsese, who has found financing for his film in Apple, estren, the ao passed The irlands.

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