Miley Cyrus teases her brief marriage to Liam Hemsworth | People and Celebrity


Better to laugh than to cry. This is the maximum that has followed Miley Cyrus since she split from Liam Hemsworth last August, only eight months after marrying the actor, of which he was a partner for almost a decade. The singer, 26, has returned to flaunting your good humor when he joked on the social networks about his brief marriage to the protagonist of The Hunger games. The artist Matty Mo, better known as The Most Famous Artistpublished in his Instagram a series of goals for 2020, among which stood out, in joke, to marry Miley Cyrus, which unexpectedly led to the answer of the singer herself.

“Probably won’t last long. But you can always try. Every shot that you do not give it a shot, lost”, has ironizado the interpreter Wrecking Ball next to an emoticon of an engagement ring.

Cyrus and Hemsworth, 29, broke up in August after only eight months of marriage. He filed for divorce shortly after. In addition, told them that they had learned through the media that his wife had decided to break with him. Hemsworth knew nothing about the issuance of a statement released by her, and in fact was in Australia, while his still wife was in Italy with whom then he knew that she was his new partner, blogger Kaitlynn Carter. “Liam and Miley have agreed to separate. Both have decided that this is best while they focus on themselves and their careers,” said the agent of Cyrus in the press release that was sent on the same day made public a picture of the singer and the blogger kissing in a boat.

After made official the separation, Cyrus and Carter began to be seen together, walking hand in hand through the streets, sharing the same publications in social networks and, even, doing life with the family Cyrus. However, that relationship did not last long, because just two months after sources close to the couple have confirmed their split, ensuring that both remained friends. Last October, Miley Cyrus was seen in attitude affectionate with the also singer Cody Simpson, who he has known for years. These past few months both have been together and have not hidden their affection. “I don’t think recluirme and have appointments at home because it is not fun and because I feel extremely uncomfortable, puts me in a vulnerable position. I want to be able to do something with who I’m dating and not be stuck at home with nothing to do but watch Netflix on the couch,” wrote Cyrus after being attacked in social networking by returning to his sentimental life. Both have been paired on Halloween, and he has joined recently to the hospital, when the singer was admitted to be operated on the vocal cords.

For his part, Liam Hemsworth also started another relationship with actress Maddison Brown, 22 years of age and who has been photographed hand-in-hand through the streets of New York. However, this week the actor has also been seen with the model Gabrilla Brooks, whom he invited to dine with their parents in Sydney.