Millie Bobbie Brown wants Leo DiCaprio in Stranger Things


What’s the best crossover? ‘Stranger Things’ + Leonardo DiCaprio.

Recently, Netflix he shared an official video where we can observe that the production of the third season of ‘Stranger Things’ has begun, and along with it, it is confirmed that stars of the original cast as Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder or Finn Wolfhard they will continue giving life to all those characters of whom we fell in love, and after the huge success of the series, Millie he believes that the show is ready to welcome you to the proud winner of the Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The young actress assured The Press Association that even, she has already prepared a very specific place within the series:

“I have already made a history. Leo, if you want to be in ‘Stranger Things’, here is the contract”.

doWhat to think of Leo DiCaprio’s of this ambitious proposal? In the meantime, watch below the video of the start of production of the third season of ‘Stranger Things’.