Nicki Minaj (and her outfit “it is indecent and shameful!”) on fire Instagram


July 22, 2019
(13:30 CET)

Nicki Minaj has returned to set fire to social media with a thought-provoking (so to speak in a soft way) outfit. An outfit that, in fact, has provoked many comments in the social networks.

The rapper has posted a series of photos in your account Instagram we can see it with a dress in which the pronounced cleavage has made more than one to put hands to the head.

It is more, as has already happened in the last few weeks with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi Bof Trinity and Tobago has seen his name was accompanied by a good number of criticism for their dress too “beasts”.

The criticism of Nicki Minaj

In this case, there have been few who have wanted to leave very clear through the networks n or agree with this style of Nicki. A style that, while it has led him to be one of the celebrities more famous, it now looks like that is happening to bill.

And you have said it all: “Is too beast Nicki” , “IIndecent and shameful”, “Instill the image of a woman-objectand that is something that you shouldn’t do”, “many girls and boys will follow you and the image you give is not precisely the most appropriate”, “Instagram should be censoring this type of outfits”, “Once more Nicki Minaj giving the note with a dress because his songs no longer get to any site” or, “somebody tell this woman that it is already starting to do the ridiculous” are some of the comments in this regard.

Obviously Niki she has not wanted to enter into this type of discussion with your followers. For two reasons. The first is because, as already has been shown on many occasions, it matters little to him what others think. The second, because, as you well know Minajthe less we speak of this type of comments, more soon will fall into oblivion.