Nicki Minaj criticized by human rights activists


Nicki Minaj has faced criticism after it revealed its stellar participation this year in the Jeddah World Fest of Saudi Arabia.

After it became public that rapper american would head the event held at the King Abdullah Sports Stadium the Red Sea the next 18 of July, the rain of protests activists on the rights of the woman did not wait.

This week, the Human Rights foundation requested to Minaj through a open letterto remove your submission from the festival, citing the deal that the Saudi government has toward women and minorities.

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“What are you thinking Minaj? How involved it in World Pride, a week and then take a jet to collect millions from a regime that beheaded five homosexual men in April, last year?”, stated Thor Halvorssen, CEO of the foundation.

[Ella actuará] while the women in the audience will get an Abaya complete and they will be separated from the men. Do not allow a woman to this is there without a guardian male or without the permission of a man in his home

The Jeddah World Fest has also confirmed the holdings of other international stars such as Liam Payne and the DJ Steve Aoki.