Now Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson’s hair cut and premiered look the same with mohicanas!


We have a new celebrity couple who have made a hair cut end! So, during the quarantine caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus, there is a large list of celebrities that have done hair cuts, and changes of outfits. From fringes and cuts up to extreme colors. And while some have been very good, and other have been crazy, remember that it is hair, and that time can repair everything, so there is no problem.

On this occasion, it is Miley Cyrus who has decided to change their blond curls… but also did so with Cody Simpson!

If you ever had wanted to have a hair cut that combined with that of your partner, perhaps you could gain inspiration Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, those who don’t screw around with games: have opted for a mohicana. And made by the very Miley Cyrus! We know that both celebs are not afraid to experiment (in fact a mohicana is nothing new in Miley Cyrusbecause that was a variation when he pulled out his simple ‘Wrecking ball’. Unfortunately there is still no selfies in the bathroom mirror, but yes there is a story.

The changes look always scary, but as I have shown Miley Cyrus with Cody Simpsonamong the other celebrities who have risky is that in this imprisonment we can always experiment and see what new things we can go. And again, it’s hair! Only do not do something that will hurt a lot (such as discoloration), it’s always better with an expert.

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