Oh Alexa Dellanos held to the distance, the birthday of their mother Mirka!


We must remember that the driver continues with its usual work in the midst of the pandemic, and thus, the lace always highlights the great value that you have his mother by being exposed in this way. “God bless my mom Myrka Dellanos, who is risking his life every day to report the news on a live daily show for four hours. My inspiration”, highlighting the courage of the same.


For his part, the driver says that in these moments so difficult in the that is not next to your daughter, the most important thing is to have confidence in God. “As a journalist, I have access to the latest reports, and while it is given to know the details of the Covid-19 rising every time – I give more thanks to God that I can have peace in the midst of chaos because my confidence is not in human, but in the Creator of heaven and earth”, wrote in their networks, asking users to remain in their homes and not to expose themselves.


Alexa Dellanos

She by his side, sits next to his mother, taking all the necessary steps to not become infected. For her part, Alexa stays with her boyfriend in Puerto Rico waiting to be able to return to his country and meet his mother. Meanwhile, the technology keeps them united.