“Oh, Terrible!”. So is Selena Gomez in a bikini if you take away the Photoshop

May 28, 2020
(12:59 CET)

Selena Gomez is one of the artists global, for excellence in recent years. The american went from being a ‘phenomenon ‘ Disney’ to be one of the singers most successful and, above all, most persecuted by the media.

Among other things because, for several years, formed a couple with neither more nor less than Justin Bieber. They were the couple of fashion in the world, two singers who each time had more impact and that, they were going where they were going, always had fans crazy for them.

The two were more than accustomed to success, but when it came to the separation who worst what happened was Selena. The pressure could with her to see their break-up was a media phenomenon and ended up, due to the stress and anxiety, admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

The bikini without Photoshop of Selena Gomez

Yes, while it is true that in a first moment, this admission caused a lot of impact among his followers, seems to be that it has been one of the best decisions that Selena has taken in his life, come from your environment.

Among other things because it was there where, through therapy, she left behind her fears and, above all, his obsession for her figure and for always being ‘great’. And of course, between that and the medication made you gain a few pounds, the pictures on the bikini once came out of the clinic went around the world.

Selena Gomez

Pictures like the one that we can see your pictures without a drop of Photoshop, in which, as they say many of her haters (eye, that is not that they are few), Selena appears “¡Terrible!”. What is certain is that, while detractors criticized him for this, were many more positive reviews to see that, although with a different, Selena this “better than ever”.

“She is happy as well, and that is what matters”, “It’s your body and for many years was having a tough time to be ‘perfect’…now that is as you want” or “things as well is why this woman I like so well” are some of them.

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