OMG! Kylie Jenner breaks silence on the song that Drake dedicated to him


A week ago, and returned to collect strength to the rumors which claim that the canadian singer and businesswoman u.s. could be much more than friends, even if they had been hiding it for a long time.

It was in October, 2019, when it emerged for the first time suspicions that Kylie Jenner has a secret romance with Drakeand both famous wanted to keep hidden because it was said that they preferred to keep their relationship as something casual and no commitments, so as not to jeopardise their friendship.

Drake has always felt something for Kylie Jenner and is something mutual… and the two are living very close to each other… Know and are friends from a long time ago and has always been a spark there,’ said US Weekly a few months ago.

And many people believe that these theories could be true, considering that leaked recently a song of Drake never-before-heard, in collaboration with the Future: and that theme song was speaking just of Kylie Jenner!

‘Kylie Jenner that’s a side piece’, he sings in this song, the interpreter of 33 years (by the way, the term ‘side piece’ in English is often used to refer to the people for which it feels an irresistible attraction).