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After being dismissed in the cause for sexual abuse that happened against you, the actor returned to Instagram with a posting nostalgic Credit: James Cichero/AFV

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Paul Rago turned to the social networks after a few months of absence . He did so on Instagram on Tuesday, twice: first with an image that alluded to the celebrations of the 25th may and the club of its loves, River Plate, and then with a retro photo, in which you can see next to Ricky Martin and Robi Draco Rosa, by then members of the famous puerto rican band Menudo.

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1985 d.c. In the house of my mamma

A publication shared Paul Rago (@pablorago72) the

“1985 d.c. In the house of my mother”, wrote the actor next to the photo that was reposteada by his brother, Marcelo Ragonese, who also appears in the same. The context of that post ochentosa is linked to the soap opera that at the end of the 80s, the group Often came to record for six months to Argentina. It was the fiction -issued by Channel 11, in 1986 – forever friends, of which they formed a part Rago, Adrian Zuar, Claudia Flores and Cristina Lemercier, among other figures.

Forever friends, the novel that brought Ricky Martin, with Paul Rago – Source: YouTube


Posted Rago is not one more. This is his return to the network after a prolonged absence that you chose after having been reported in December by the actress Erika Basile by sexual abuse. On the 17th of march, the actor was dismissed by judge Walter Joseph Candela for the crime .

When he announced the verdict, Alexander Cipolla, a lawyer Basile, spoke to THE NATION and said: “I’m in charge of the defense. At this time we are exchanging messages with my client to decide if we appeal it or not that resolution. In principle, I have to study well the resolution, and according to their directive I will do what I say”. On the other hand, to be consulted on the possibility of withdrawing from the case, said: “I have No plans of leaving the defense; I only go when it ends a cause, but I always still until the end”.

In the documents to which he had access to this medium, detailing the resolution of the court decision: “Without this decision-making involves in any way disbelieve the sayings of the complainant, the concrete is that the only test really demanding turn out to be his sayings, which have not been corroborated by the version of third persons or other probanzas (…). There is No indicator whatsoever that allows at least presume that the injured was a victim of sexual abuse or that sexual relations have been exercised through violence and/or against their will (…). Do not infer indicators that show that the complainant has completed the situations of violence, with a predominance in the sexual area, as well as that have left a mark harmful.”

Paul Rago spoke for the first time, after the complaint of sexual abuse against you – Source: Confronted


On the 20th of February, the expert psychological that he had been made to the complainant were not evidence compatible with those of a victim of abuse. The actor only made a public statement to the program Confronted, in which he assured to be “quiet” to the complaint. “When you have something to say, I’m going to say. I was not talking before because there was nothing to say. I was always quiet”, he declared.

“This is my prejudice, of course, but I’m going to speak when my lawyer allows me”, expressed in time, in relation to how the complaint led to the resignation of a work-in-theatre and to the banning of the promotion of the film the robbery of the century.


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