Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Luis KFonsi, Halsey, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas… Outrage for George’s Floyd | Currently


George Floyd it is, or rather, was a man of 46 years who died after being restrained by a police. The agent put the knee on the neck of the detainee, and remained there for 7 minutes making it difficult to breath. A witness who was passing by there recorded it all and shared it on Facebook with the inevitable impact that has occurred in the world, above all, after knowing that Floyd died on arrival at hospital.

In the recording we hear the deceased say: “I can’t breathe!”. Words that were of any use because the agent is not moved, and now take a trip around the world. Protests and demonstrations have not been made to wait and is that the issue of racism and police abuse has a long tour in the country.

“By my request, the FBI and the Justice Department have already initiated an investigation into the death very sad and tragic in Minnesota of George Floyd”, he shared on twitter Donald Trump. And you know what comes up. A long list of celebs have not been silent and have expressed their outrage in networks.

LeBron James, Janet Jackson or Jamie Foxx have wanted to denounce the situation by resorting to the photo Colin Rand Kaepernickthe play of the NFL, who already gave a lot to talk about for this topic.

Demi Lovato

“It looks like racism. Education will be the light that will darken the ignorance in these frightening times. If you do not defend the black community, you’re part of the problem. Please, do not cease to speak until all of this ends”.

Luis Fonsi

“I can’t get this image out of my head! I cannot keep quiet either. Die every day innocent people by the color of their skin. This man was murdered. Your life mattered. Rest in peace #GeorgeFloyd”.

Ricky Martin


Penelope Cruz

#enough #georgefloyd #justice”.


“As many of you know, George Floyd was a black man killed by a police officer. He was unarmed and initially restricted by a non-violent offense. Say its name. Shares this information. If you have friends and family who have the privilege of “stay away from this type of news”, remove that fucking privilege. Raise the voices of the black members of their community expressing their fear, outrage, or grief. The officers in question have been dismissed and have been given paid leave. This is not enough punishment for murder. Need to be processed. if you stay silent, you are contributing to the problem.”

Halle Berry

“I’m very angry. This shit has to stop!”.

Viola Davis

“This is what it means to be black in the united States: being a convicted felon. In the united States you murdered for being black. For hundreds of years, we have abided by the policies that have restricted our own existence, and still today, we continue dealing with the lynching. The U.s. will never be a good place until we can find a way that works for everyone! Rest in peace, George Floyd”.

Octavia Spencer

“This man was a human being, but was killed like an animal! When I finally had the courage to see this video long and unbearably painful, the cruel murder of this young man at the hands of an ugly, wicked, and abusive piece of feces and sadistic! I’m so hurt and angry now that I don’t know what to do with myself! We are all human beings in the world should join together to protest for the animal behavior of all these cops, they are all complicit! We have to think that it could have been our son! No matter what color you are, you must defend this young man! Do the right thing and called the governor’s office, we do not rest until they are all in prison!!!!”

Eva Longoria

“Why? My heart aches every time I read the news When is it going to stop this? Let us help our country to regain his humanity! We are all humans that deserve to be protected, not killed. Please don’t write stupid comments. If this is not unworthy, stop following me. Watch the video and look at how he called his mom, how he tells them that what they are killing while gasping with their last breaths. Notice how these cops don’t do anything, except hold him and watch as he dies. It is unbearable to see it! but we should do it. To ignore it is terrorism, give back to this injustice and close our eyes to this suffering makes us complicit in the endless terrorism racial that is happening in communities across our country. To see this police choke George Floyd with the knee on the neck, handcuffed and helpless, and see him crying for his life with the face against the asphalt is the thing most disgusting and heartbreaking that I’ve seen in a long time. This officer knew that what they were filming and murdered him with arrogance and pride.”


“IThis has to stop! Until we can overcome the racism in the united States can not allow anyone to carry a weapon. Above all, the police. God bless you George Floyd. I’m so sorry for you and your family. And I feel all the senseless killings that have happened before. Did you ever finish this?”.

Kanye West

“Imagine what happens when you’re not looking!”.

Jessie J

“George Floyd was killed by a white man a racist disguised as a policeman. This is not only between cops and blacks. This is between the racist white and black people. This is a white privilege. Wow, this is inhuman! The words, the hashtags and the publications are not enough for this man and for all men, women and children that have preceded it. If we don’t, it will happen again tomorrow. There are many who ask that it will be reported to the Minneapolis police and not to look to the other side. Wake up. Look and listen. Find out what is happening in the world. The white, with and without power or with uniforms authorized, are ruining the life or murdering men, women, and black children with impunity, in the full light of day and went with it again and again and again and again. I get sick, because this is no longer shocking. That is the worst! This happens in real life! It comes a time when your silence is a betrayal!

Nick Jonas

“Praying for #GeorgeFloyd and your family. A family lost their loved one while crying out for help and the simple act of breathing. This is inexcusable. Send “FLOYD” to the 55156 and sign the petition. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd”.