Premium Shakira releases her own album


Photo Mebarak taken instagram

HERMOSILLO, SON.– The singer-songwriter colombian independent Isa Mebarak, a cousin of the singer Shakira, is launching a new record material. Talented, sensitive, creative, and a carrier of a voice sweet and warm, full of nuances, manages to surprise once again with their concept album named ‘Cultural Heritage’, she qualifies as ‘a tribute to musicians and composers in Latin american’.

The disc contains 11 songs carefully selected from classic songs, until ‘jewelry melodious that have been hidden for many years’ and a theme of their own, devoted to his country, called ‘My Song’.

The production and recording were all performed in cooperation and with the participation of several special guests, all of them outstanding producers and artists prodigious panorama hispano as Milton Salcedo, Carlos del Puerto, Jesus Javier Molina, Yazmil Marrufo, John of The Cross, Richard Bravo, Chelito de Castro, Jose Luis Arroyave, among others. Every detail was carefully twisted by the own hands of the outstanding singer-songwriter colombian.