Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner, two sisters-in-law united by the ties of friendship


They call the J-Sisters and are willing to ‘outshine’ their popular husbands. Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner caught all the glances a few days to become the fans more hardcore of their respective spouses, Nick and Joe Jonasin the back of the Jonas Brothers to the stage with his new tour, Happiness Begins Tour. Once more, the two actresses showed the good understanding existing between them, since they not only share a profession and family policy. With time, their ties have grown closer and have become great friends. A union is very special, in addition, manifests itself in a few tastes very similar fashion to the match a few weeks ago with the same set pijamero signed by Victoria Beckham. But, when did you actually started your friendship?

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In reality, the former Miss World india, and the protagonist of Game of Thrones already knew each other before they began to go out with their partners. As said months ago, the own, Joe, both shared set for a long time while Priyanka shooting the series Quantico and Sophie was immersed in the filming of X-Men. However, it was the announcement of the engagement between Nick and Priyanka last summer I ended up joining them permanently. Since then began to exchanged loving messages in the social networks in which expressed his joy at becoming a family.


The performer who gave life to Sansa Stark had an important role in the bachelorette party for her future sister-in-law and did not hesitate to share a nice photograph of the day after in which they appeared with a mask of night with the word ‘hangover’. Also, traveled to India to attend in person to your spectacular and crowded wedding, for which he did not hesitate in wearing one of the traditional saris.

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Since then, it is very common to see them sharing cherished family moments or going out together shopping. Even, there is a chance that the actress was born in Jamshedpur is a big fan of Game of Thronesso he sent an affectionate message to his friend wishing him good luck in the face at the premiere of the final season of the hit series epic. In addition, in the last few months, Priyanka and Sophie have had numerous meetings, many of them, also in the company of their respective partners. Fun days at sea on board watercraft, dinners for four, and getaways to the beach are just some of their joint activities, to which, from now on, we have to add the new tour for the united States and Europe of the Jonas Brothers.