Pump. The skirt that Jennifer Lopez is too short and this occurs in full concert


May 28, 2020
(14:56 CET)

To Jennifer Lopez he loves to boast of type. The artist american tends to do so often in your account Instagram.

Keep a hot body like yours to their 50 years and after you have given birth to twins is no easy task. And meets 51 in July. Something that she knows perfectly. So, when you can, JLo brings out its charms.

Jennifer Lopez, maximum care of your physical

What yours will cost. Balanced nutrition and healthy and the gym hours don’t remove anyone Jennifer. An effort that few are willing to follow to the letter. And that’s why, when he has the chance, show off your results.

However, sometimes intentions do not go through to show their profiled body. Or refined that has some areas of the same. However, a slip up ends up as unless you want to, seeming to search for cause. And that happened to JLo in one of his concerts.

The neglect of Jennifer Lopez

So you can see in a video that she herself hung up on the social network, a photo shoot that starred for the magazine Paper. This is a video directed by Ellen von Unwerth.

At a time of the document, Jennifer shown climbing stairs and, in a particular moment, it goes the mini skirt, revealing her butt, adorned with a thong transparent with bright. A video that 24 hours after being published more than two million reproductions. “You will see everything!”, you can read among the comments. Then, the frame of the time.