Rebel Wilson is following the example of Adele; well you see with 20 kilos less


The actress revealed in an honest posting on Instagram one of its major objectives is lose weight; the other has to do with your future employment and for a movie in which you are working.

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“Even if you have to crawl up to your goal, keep going because it’s going to be worth it. Comes to strive every day a little bit”, he wrote in his account of Instagram along with a photo in which she appears exercising.

“Is that some days are extremely frustrating, that makes you want to give up, that you feel annoyed with the lack of progress… But good things are on the way. What are your goals for this year?”, he asked his followers.

Immediately, Rebel shared which are the of it. “I’m going to be honest with everyone, I’m on a mission called ‘Year of health’, trying to achieve the goal of weighing 75 kilos. At work, I want to make one of my films start to be shot before the end of the year. Both of these things require daily efforts and both have moments in which it seems that everything is going backwards, but I’m working hard,” he said.

Several u.s. media confirm that Wilson resorted to Gunnar Peterson, a renowned celebrity trainer, to start to get in shape. To march 2019 had dropped about 18 kilos.

In June of that year, the actress shared in their social networks a two-week retreat which was addressed to improve their well-being and focus on their health.

Rebel Wilson.
Rebel Wilson.
(Instagram/Rebel Wilson.)

The comedian explained that during his stay he performed reflexology nasal, functional training, health screenings, walks by the lake, sport, massage, aerial yoga, and sessions of osteopathy. In those two weeks, she lost another 7 kilos. Wilson also commented that he filmed the process to share it soon in a documentary.