Rihanna chooses a size too small, and this happens! “Cover up ” for God’s sake!”


May 28, 2020
(12:21 CET)

There are few singers that can shock both to the public opinion with their outfits as Rihanna. Surely one of the few that could rival that of Barbados it would be Lady Gaga.

Yes, the style of the two is completely different. Only a intention to always be very sensual and be more than proud of their curves. Either when they have been very thin or when they have caught something of weight, the two have always opted for outfits that leave very very little to the imagination.

Among other things because they know that you are this type of outfits so provocative, and so controversial that they are going to cause you to talk about them. And in Rihanna’s case especially, everything that is already going more than well.

The likes of Rihanna

And is that, as you well know his followers, Rihanna a long time ago that it decided to move away from the world of music to focus on fashion. Has released several collections of underwear and lingerie that, casting an eye to his account of Instagram, well it is clear that they are the fruit of their designs.

However, a photo that many have circulated these days by the networks is not just an image of the advertising campaigns that starred for his ark, Fentybut the one outfit that played him a trick in an act.

A photo that makes it clear that that day Rihanna the wrong size and opted for one that was too small. “Close, ” for God’s sake!”, says a follower. In fact, as pointed out by some, “you have missed very little to teach something more than the account.”


There is who says that obviously was not a mistake and that the artist knew perfectly well the stir that would cause this design issue and that’s why he chose it, The response only she know. What we do know is that, as expected, many have been left with the mouth open to see Rihanna showing off, once again, of those curves of how proud she is.