Salma Hayek erupts against police murder of George Floyd


EU.- Salma Hayek joins the voices of other celebrities, who condemn the brutality with which the police of Minneapolis suffocated to an african american man named George Floyd, who allegedly resisted being arrested.

The mexican star said indignantly, “no more”, thus joining the voices of Eva Longoria, Luis Fonsi, Eiza Gonzalez, and many more artists, those who have spoken out against these abuses by the police against racial minorities.

The FBI investigated the facts on which Floyd lost his life, and it was concluded that the four police officers involved in that arrest, including that with his knee suffocated the man, were guilty of his death, as they ignored the pleas of Floyd, who told them that he could not breathe.

The police officers were fired from their jobs, but the company claims that they will be punished, because all lights had committed a homicide with authentic dyes of racism.