Selena Gomez celebrates video ‘Boyfriend’, made with barbies for fans


Selena Gomez was shocked by this Wednesday, to promote and to celebrate a video for their song “Boyfriend” made by fans using barbies, even some inspired by the artists of the band BTS.

This new version was devised by the creators of the popular page of Instagram “SelenaGomez.doll”, which with the help of an application of “stop-motion” followed as inspiration audio-visual material, original of the hit song of the artist.

In the actual video, you see Gomez driving during the night in Los Angeles, the californian city in which you live, in addition to the dry cleaning and going to several dating.

Precisely, the followers of the singer, taking advantage of the quarantine, and used to recreate these scenarios with a surprise: Two of the quotes of Selena are the dolls of Jin and Jungkook, the band surcorena, created by the company Mattel, also responsible for Barbie.

The accuracy of the project is such, that the own Gomez promoted the video in their accounts in social networks, which generated thousands of comments and visits to the material.

Days before, the singer said in a video on their networks that, in addition to the marathon series, something that was entertaining during the crisis by the coronavirus was to see the work of the group of fans who recreate their videos, outfits and other moments of their lives with dolls, and even mentioned it to SelenaGomez.doll as one of the best.

In the photos and videos from that account, you can see moments iconic star’s life, as well as photos, magazine covers and works of video, recreated with dolls-style Barbie, that have already emerged from the artist.

Their creative make the same clothes, hairstyle and even, in some cases the make-up.

This particular song, “Boyfriend”, was released as one of three new songs from the deluxe version of their latest album “Rare” and talks about the difficulties of the star of mexican grandparents to find a boyfriend who is your height.