Shaw Mendes, delicate health, and cancelled concerts during a tour of Latin america

After the success of Shawn Mendes in her recent tour “Shawn Mendes: The Tour” the american continent, the singer falls ill, which leads to the cancellation of some scheduled concerts.

The unpleasant state of health the cantane could bring significant doubt as to the fans mexican who for years has been waiting for a concert of the idol of the moment.

Because finally they would have actually made a concert Shawn after canceling some years ago in the CDMX and now is sick.

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However, the things are not as they think. Shawnin light of his health problem, was also forced to cancel his presentation in Brazil, since according to the singer, he woke up feeling irritated of the throat, so immediately, he was diagnosed with inflammation in the vocal cords.

As expected, the news did not like anything to Mendes. He was even captured quite sad for such a situation.

And is that, in case outside little, it is said some fans did not understand that once again they could not see their idol and they threw their tickets outside of his hotel where he was the singer.

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This in spite of the apology offered by the canadian singer, who also promised to return to Mexico.

But at the moment she has not given recent information on your state of health that could put in danger other dates, although they hoped for the best.

The tour, which is promoting Shawn Mendes, is probably the one that will leave more profit for a lot about the past, because let’s remember that America is one of the continents most extensive and by the way, belongs to the singer.

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So at this point, you should pay special attention to your health, to be able to recover soon and please their millions of fans Mexico and Latin americafor now.

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