So it would look like Emilia Clarke as Zatanna in the DCEU


Have recently emerged rumors that indicate that Warner Bros is planning to take the story of a new character to the Universe-Extended DC (DCEU), which would be the sorceress Zatanna, so that many names have begun to parade to interpret it, being the one who stands out the most, that way so it would look like Emilia Clarke as Zatanna in the DCEU.

With ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘The Suicide Squad 2’ on the way, apparently the study wants to show on the screen, one side much darker than the comics, so which would already be seeking to make a tape that includes the powerful magician.

In fact, sources close to We Got This Covered reported that Warner hoped that Zatanna appears in at least three movies that are already in production, and that’s not all, also the rumour is that the project for the film ‘Justice League Dark’, still has not been ruled out, so that the sorceress could be part of this squad.

And since everything seems to indicate that Warner wants to give a greater importance to the female characters of comic books, many actresses are raising the hand to interpret some of these heroines and appear as villains, especially Zatanna, however, sources of We Got This Covered, report that Emilia Clarke takes the lead to win the role, by what several fans are already making designs to see how it would look Clarke characterized as the character.

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Source: Instagram mizuriofficial

Apparently, Clarke, is the favorite to interpret this mighty sorceress, and since his work in the series ‘Game of Thrones’ has finished, nothing would form part of the DCEU, something that would be a good deal for it due to all the plans that you have for the character.

Rumors suggest that before you see the Justice League Dark, action, each one of its members would have a movie solo, therefore, this universe will soon start to expand, which is good news for the fans of DC.

So soon as we saw how it would look Emilia Clarke as Zatanna in the DCEU, we just hope that soon Warner will confirm the arrival of these tapes to the DCEU.