Sofia Vergara comment on the beard of her husband



Like many other celebrities, Joe Manganiello has taken advantage of the confinement to make an important change in your image. In your case, has not wanted to take the risk to cut the hair without the supervision of a professional, but a few weeks ago yes it is encouraged to shave his beard grizzled, that it has become one of its great hallmarks.

His decision generated mixed reactions: some think that it has taken ten years of above, but others are more favored with your look, as usual.

In reality, the only opinion that matters is yours and, as much, of his wife Sofia Vergara, who has now spoken out about that to recognize that she prefers a happy medium.

“The last time I took her beard was for a movie and had to let that to grow a lot. Looked like a pirate. It was too long. I have never seen her with that look, and the truth is that I did not like. I think that you get older”, he has thought it in a statement to People. “When you have a beard of several days, so this is perfect. This is how I met him”.

With or without facial hair, what is certain is that Joe keeps forming next to Sofia one of the couples most attractive industry performance. These days, the colombian has not stopped sharing pictures and videos on Instagram taken during the confinement, in which they appear in the swimming pool or sunbathing in their garden and that they demonstrate that the passage of time is setting both of wonder.