Stars from around the world react to the murder of George Floyd


The name George Floyd became a trend yesterday after it was revealed that the man afroaméricano had been brutally arrested by police officers of the united States, causing death.

The brutal detention, and murder was broadcast on Facebook for a user that was in the sector. In the video you can hear the man of 46 years old shout for help. All indications are that it was a racist attack on the part of the police. After the fact many celebrities expressed their anger.

The world was impressed in front of the brutality of what happened and the last sentence that you hear in the video has become a cry of protest: “Let me wake up! I can’t breathe!”.

International stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, expressed their pain and anger against the fact. Check out some of the below: