Thalia presumed mask inspired by JLo and Ariana Grande


Without a doubt the “accessory” currently we do not can miss is the mask, is that this object has become something vital in times of coronavirus, however, to carry one of these does not mean that people should lose glamour.

There are various types and models of face cloths, which people have designed to make it a bit more enjoyable this situation and the models ranging from porting the logo of your favorite superhero until something less elaborate and only make them from fabric of your favorite color.

However, celebrities do not want to lose the glamour, and such is the case of Thalia, who a few days ago bragged about their new face cloths made by the designer Michael Ngo.

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For a good cause

These face cloths in accordance with the same artist are inspired by artists such as Jlo, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

The face cloths are made with shiny fabrics, some are packed with apps bright.

The costs of these masks, ranging from the 45 to 50 dollars, something like from 1000 to 11 thousand mexican pesos, and the money that the designer proceeds with the sale of their luxurious face cloths, what will donate to a food bank.


Credit: Herald Mexico