The best films of Quentin Tarantino are on Amazon Prime Video

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most renowned directors of the last 30 years. His unique style and personnel have earned him millions of followers in the world of cinema, but also fans who do not agree with their ideas. The violence, blood and language that is more that strong are a sign of identity in the films of the american director.

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Amazon Prime Video offers its members Prime the best movies in the career of Tarantino. Both of their first titles, such as Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, until the director’s latest film, once Upon a time in…Hollywood. All of them are in the video platform of Amazon to enjoy them at any time and from any place.

Once upon a time in… Hollywood

The last Tarantino movie was a success, both by the story as by the brilliant interpretation of Brad Pitt, which earned him an Oscar. A different tape, in the tone of comedy, in which Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio portray two actors from the Hollywood of the 60’s and how you have to mold to the changes that are occurring in the industry. In Once upon a time in… Hollywoodthe director mixes characters, real and imagined to create a great story.

Reservoir Dogs

The directorial debut of Tarantino is a landmark of independent film. It was able to carry out thanks to the personal commitment of Harvey Keitel, who participated as a protagonist and co-producer, and the director showed him that then he would make him famous: Reservoir Dogs it is a great story from a very good script and a large dose of emotion, with dialogue heavy and a lot of violence.

Pulp Fiction

The dancing of John Travolta and Uma Thurman in this film are part of the history of cinema. Two stories overlapping, the hit man who has to retrieve a briefcase for his boss and, at the same time, take care of the wife of the gangster, but not to overdo it. Violence and harshness are alternated with enormous creativity and a soundtrack that, today identifies itself perfectly with the movie. Pulp Fiction it is the best of the career of Tarantino.

Malditos Bastardos

Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz star in this movie in which a nazi officer pursues jewish families in an area of France invaded. There will kill an entire family, except one daughter, who swear revenge. Years later, an international group of soldiers, the Bastards, kills all the nazis that is, allying itself with the French resistance. Both stories will converge in a film where they’re going to show a premiere with nazi in the presence of Hitler and Goebbels, what you want to take advantage of to finish with all of them.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2

Uma Thurman returned to place themselves at the orders of Tarantino for one of his stories most acclaimed: Kill Bill. It is divided into ten chapters and lasts over four hours, so it had to be released in two parts in the years 2003 and 2004. But it quickly became a success both for the story, in which the Bride tries to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend Bill, for having attempted to kill, by the way to tell it: raising women to power, with a nod to martial arts films and with blood, lots of blood.

The hateful eight

Tarantino has surrounded himself with great actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell or Jennifer Jason Leigh to shoot a movie set in the years after the Civil War. With a great script and its traditional signs of identity where there is no lack of violence, The hateful eight it is remembered today above all for its magnificent soundtrack, that allowed the legendary Enio Morricone win an Oscar in 20156.

Open until the dawn

Another classic of the cinema of Tarantino, in that there is no lack of blood in torrents, and rawness in many scenes, though this time not directed the tape, but that was the screenwriter of a movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. Two criminals manage to flee to Mexico, after mislead the FBI, and celebrate it in a roadside bar very special. The sensual dance of Salma Hayek from Open until the dawn it is very remembered almost a quarter of a century later.

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