The best photo of Jennifer Lopez


The boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, shows the first woman in his life: who is it?

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The boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, shows the first woman in his life: who is it?

Jennifer Lopez has repeated time and again in different media and through their social networks, which are feeling full and fortunate, not only for the success and recognition that he has conquered in his professional career, but also for the beautiful family that has been consolidated along with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

And this time, in the middle of the quarantine of the COVID-19, that the interpreter of “The Ring” is living in Miami, J. Lo and the expelotero were the envy of all and sundry, for the account of a picture that is worth millions and who shared in his Instagram.

In the lovely picture, it will be appreciated to the full family, watching television in the living room of his house, with such love and such affection, that they are all together, on the same couch, embracing each other and under the same blanket.

In the photograph, which is the best witness of the beautiful union that the couple has managed to raise not only between the two of them but among the children that each of us has from a previous relationship, it will be appreciated to Jennifer next to her daughter Emme, sitting next to Max, Alex Rodriguez and the two princess of the exdeportista.

“The Tuesday night watching #WorldOfDance. Jen is tweeting live. I’m locked up. @Nbcworldofdance @ egt239 @jlo”, was the comment with which the former star of the Yankees was accompanied by the lovely image.

Rodríguez made reference to the new show of his fiancée, who has enchanted the public and which promises to bring many surprises.

In the middle of the quarantine, the singer, who has found it in their social networks a way to help their loyal followers to deal with the running of the bulls, recently shared a message of motivational, where he recalled that it is not worthwhile to allow the comments of other people to damage the self-esteem.

“I do not let the opinions of others really influence how I feel myself, and that took me a long time, because at the beginning of my career itself mattered, and that made me feel very bad about myself. I went out into the world and my first song was number 1, my first film was number 1, my first album was number 1, and I said: ‘I am by cracking’, but then everybody started saying, ‘she doesn’t know how to act’, ‘she can’t sing’, ‘she can’t dance’, ‘she is only a pretty face’ or ‘has the large rear’, or whatever they say… and I started to think that it was true, and that really made me hurt for a long time,” confessed the singer in a video.

“Then I realized that I had to go ahead and that made me be who I am. Regardless of the pain and the wounds, I followed and I dared to let myself turn into what it was, and I said: ‘no… I’m going to make another album, another song. I am a great actress, I am a great singer and a great dancer and I’m going to go ahead and did it,” added J. Lo.

The music star showed his testimony to those who hear it understand that even the strong sometimes you may feel down because of others.

“Just keep moving forward. Don’t let doubt influence who you are. Créete that you’re great and keep going. #MiércolesSabiduría” said J. Lo.