The “Britney Spears” israeli unleash the fury of senior military of the IDF


The commercial ended by raising controversy due to its content, and even discomfort in the israeli Army.

In accordance with the Channel 12 in israel, several senior IDF officers, enraged by seeing Kirel, an israeli soldier, in the uniform of a foreign Army and are of a well-known pacifist song.

The Channel 13 israel reported Monday that the head of the Department of Staff of the IDF, Moti Almoz, had launched an investigation to find out who had allowed Kirel to wear a uniform of the U.S.

According to the results of the investigation, it was learned that Kirel received authorization in the form for your participation in the trade, but that the officials who authorized, according to the IDF, they did not understand the content of the production that would be involved and therefore gave its approval.

“We saw on the screen something that neither of us liked it”, sources said the IDF to the Channel 12.

To ensure that the IDF would not give the green light to another business of this type in the future, procedures will be more stringent, according to the chain.

In addition, the IDF made it clear that they do not have any claim against Kirel, who continue to regard “as a model to follow for the young israelis” by his decision to join the Army without leaving his musical career.

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