the brutal time in which a police officer choking a black man


George Floyd

Without that the united States has given time to recover after the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black man of 25 years killed by two white men just a few months ago, the death of another black man again to promote the racial tension in the country. The terrible moment was recorded by a passer-by.

George Floyd died last Monday night in Minneapolis after being detained and assaulted by a police officer, that he suffocated digging the neck with the leg while he was on the pavement of the road. “Not me mate”, calling for the detainee. “Please, please, please, please, I can not breathe, please”she warned Floyd, who was unarmed. The 43-year old man died a few hours later in a police station. Four police officers involved in the event have already been removed from their posts.

KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images

This new case of police brutality has taken them out of their houses to hundreds of people in Minneapolis (state of Minnesota), that have manifested this Tuesday, against this type of practices that seem to be all too common in the north american country. To the family of Floyd, the dismissal of security officials “are not enough”. “They should revoke the license and do not let them to work in any other state, should be in jail for murdering my brother“ said Bridgett Floyd on ‘Good Morning America’.

The tragic event is, in addition, very similar to what happened in 2014 with the also african-american Eric Garner, who died strangled by an agent.


Famous faces such as Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Jessie J or Viola Davis have already been pronounced on the event. Also what has made the basketball player Lebron James, who already spoke out when he died Ahmaud Arbery. “Do you understand now? Do you or remains fuzzy to you?”, wrote the athlete on Instagram.

The words that he dedicated the singer Jessie J were: “George Floyd was killed by a white man a racist disguised as a policeman. This is not only between cops and blacks. This is between the racist white and black people. This is a white privilege. Wow, this is inhumane!”, collects RTVE.