The celebs who like to train with their children


Hilaria Baldwin doing yoga with your child©@hilariabaldwin
Hilaria Baldwin does not lose time to exercise and incorporate their children in their routines

To begin with the smaller

If you like celebs, you decide to integrate your baby into your exercise routine, we give you four exercises that you can perform along to your shoot. Remember that it must not be freshly eaten, or your not. In addition, you will need to consult with your doctor if you can resume your workouts.

1. Squats. To strengthen your legs and glutes, hold the child with your arms stretched out in front of you. With the legs open and flexed, as if you were sitting taking the buttocks backwards. Remember that the knees should never exceed feet. You can do this by leaning against a wall for more balance.

Woman performs irons with your baby to the side©Istock
If you are afraid to place over your baby while doing the ironing, put it at your side while you do the exercise

2. Plates. Remember that this is one of the exercises most complete that exists. You put the baby on the floor face up, place each of your hands on both sides of him, he can be with her arms stretched out with support on the elbows. It stretches the feet, contract your abdomen and hold the pushup position for 30 seconds.

3. Bridge. Ideal to work on your central area and the buttocks. While lying on your back, flex your legs, keep your feet apart and Place your little one on your hip and lift gently. Lower again and repeat. Remember that between one repetition and another, the buttocks should not touch the floor.

Women run the bridge with her baby©Istock
To perform this position with your child over it is ideal that you can already hold his head

4. Abdominal crunch . With the same initial position for the previous financial year, the board of the knees and support the baby. Lift your chest, remember to keep your back straight and do not strain the neck. The work must be done with the abdomen, otherwise you could hurt them.

Enjoy as the celebs with your children, the time to train and as they grow you can vary –when you are with them– the type of exercises and routines that most works for them. Your kids are the best motivation to work out and be healthy… with them and for them.

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