The clash between Whoopi Goldberg and Bella Thorne after the decision of the young actress to publish intimate photos that he was being blackmailed


Whoopi Goldberg and Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne described the comments of Whoopi Goldberg as “disgusting”.

What would you do if you were a public figure and a hacker threatened to publish intimate photos that you stole from your computer?

The american actress Bella Thorne, 21 years of age, he decided not to follow the game to the person that the chantajeaba: we took the lead and posted the pictures on Twitter, where it has almost 7 million followers.

That way, said the actress, was “taking back the power”.

The young man said that he had been receiving messages of threat from a person who asked for money in exchange of not filtering a series of intimate photos, the actress claimed to have been taken “just to get to see someone special.”

But, while many applauded Thorne by cutting so forceful blackmail, others blamed for what happened.

  • How they tried to “sextorsionar” to a BBC journalist
  • “Suddenly appeared on the screen of my cell phone picture of a penis, and I felt humiliated”

The actress and presenter american Whoopi Goldberg has generated controversy after he said Tuesday on national television: Si you are famostoI don’t care how old you are, nor you take photos desnudto.

Goldberg made the comments on the popular show The View, where is one of the presenters.

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Bella Thorne has almost 20 million followers on Instagram.

His words have rekindled the debate about the topic of “sextortion,” or extortion sexual and to what extent they are to blame the victims of this frequent practice.

After that the presenter refers to it in his program, Bella Thorne posted a series of stories on Instagram, where he described his comments as “disgusting”.

“Do you blame the girls for taking the photo in the first place?”, questioned.

“Then-what a girl not able to send to your boyfriend, which misses, pictures that are sexy?”.

A vision of “terrible”

The actress, who appeared weeping, said that the vision of Goldberg “on this topic is honestly terrible”.

“I hope that you change your mentality, because you’re in a program talking to young women.”

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According to the american actress, a hacker was demanding money to not filter their nude photos.

And raised: “As a woman, should I be so scared walking around my house, using my phone, doing anything? Is this how you want our women? What to be afraid of the masses by their sexuality? Is that what you want? I don’t”.

In the wake of what happened, Thorne said she is concerned about the impact of episodes like this in the most vulnerable people.

The actress pointed out that she should go to The View as a guest, but will not.

“I don’t want you them to talk about their points of view to young girls, because I would not want my daughter to learn those things, nor ever would say,” he told his nearly 20 million followers on Instagram.

Extortion sexual

In recent years, with the boom of social networks and the widespread use of the technologies, cases of extortion of sexual have skyrocketed. Several media outlets have reported even the suicide of users to that threatened to filter images intimate.

In 2016, several celebrities suffered the filtering of sexual images. And similar episodes occur frequently, everyday people.

Earlier this year, a woman told the BBC what happened when she was stolen and shared online pictures of her.

“This happened for the first time when I was very young and I thought my life had ended“he said,” Mikala Monsoon at that time.

“I was concerned for my family and what they would think of the people, because they blame the victims instead of the people who propagate it. You are destroying lives for this.”

Other famous women have complained publicly of having been sexually assaulted, by their provocative dress or way of speaking.

Two weeks ago, the american singer Miley Cyrus reported that a fan tried to kiss her by force, which some users justified by the daring clothing and lyrics from her songs.

“You can wear what you want. You can be a virgin. You can lie down with five people at the same time. You can be with your husband. You can be with your girlfriend. But you can not grasp without your consent,” he said in a tweet.

How to protect your private photos?

In a world where technology can be used to your favor, but also against you, it is important to be aware of the different risks that you run when you send private images.

Here we will share some tips from Dr. Tanya Horeck, an expert in digital privacy, how to protect your intimate photos.

  • Never show your face in nude photos: we crop it!

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Experts advise that, if you are sending an intimate image to someone, cuts to the face so that it is not possible to identify if the photos were to be used against you.

  • Applications such as Messenger can be convenient, but they are not the safest. Alternatives such as Dropbox can be better. It is also preferable to use an app to protect pictures with a password.
  • Considered what could happen with tus images if end your relationship with the person that you are sending.
  • It’s okay to say no: don’t feel pressure to share images if you don’t want.
  • Pay attention to the requests of strangers that ask you to share intimate photos.

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