The death of George Floyd: Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Madonna or Luis Fonsi, shocked by the crime, racist


A new crime aviva tension racist in the united States by the police violence towards the african-american community.

George Floyd, an african american man in 46 years, has died at the hands of a police after immobilizing in the soil and cut off the blood flow on the neck with the knee to fall unconscious.

Floyd was not armed, nor was he showing resistance as can be seen in the terrifying video that has given back to the world. The man was arrested for using a counterfeit ticket in a supermarket.

In the pictures, you can see Floyd with his head on the floor pleading to the officer that let him breathethat hurts the neck, the stomach and throughout the body, warning it that it’s going to kill him.

The agent and his companions, disobey both the pleas of Floyd as that of the witnesses who asked him to stop breathing and check their pulse, because they see that the man is unconscious. Unfortunately George Floyd died shortly after in a hospital.


Images that are too hard can affect the sensitivity

This has provoked the anger of millions of people around the world and protests of thousands of people in Minneapolis, a city where they have occurred the facts.

Among many of the reports of a new death racist at the hands of the police in american, you can find many familiar faces.

Madonna has shared the video of the tragic moment together with a text of complaint: “With the knee on the neck, handcuffed and helpless, crying for his life with the face in the soil is the most disgusting and heartbreaking that I’ve seen in a long time. This officer knew that what they were filming and murdered him with arrogance and pride. Wow, this has to stop! Until we can overcome racism in the united States: nobody should be allowed to carry a gun. Particularly to police officers”, I wrote giving him the condolences to the family and friends of the deceased to end up with a “What le fuck the police!”.

Cardi B, I shared an image of Floyd with a background of flowers next to the text: “Oh, enough is enough!!! What does this give to place? What a civil war? What a new president? What riots?’I’m tired! The country is tired! Do not instil fear to the people when you do this, you just show how coward you ARE! And how the united States is not really a free earth!”

Ariana Grande used Instagram Stories to condemn the facts: “Justice is not about to arrest a few officers in particular. It is to dismantle the systems that make it possible.”

Also through Instagram Stories has been pronounced Billie Eilish: “To be black in america should not mean a death sentence. The lives of black matter” and he added “The officers responsible are finished. And I hope to God they rot in jail”.

Like Madonna, Justin Bieber has also shared on their social networks the fateful video along with a text of complaint: “THIS HAS TO STOP. This makes me absolutely sick. Makes Me mad that this man has died. This makes me sad. Racism is bad, we Need to use our voice! Please people. Sorry GEORGE FLOYD”

Luis Fonsi shared the image on which Floyd appears unconscious on the floor, with the knee of the agent still pressed to his neck: “I can’t get this image out of my head! I cannot keep quiet either. Die every day innocent people by the color of their skin. This man was murdered. Your life mattered. Rest in peace #GeorgeFloyd”

Resident also writes next to the video: “Justice for #georgefloyd This criminal act has to be condemned!! I ask all the Latin american community in the united States, please move until the police killer Derek Chauvin is in prison.”

Ricky Martin shared an image posted by the actor Pedro Pascal in the that can be leeren a banner “A man was lynched yesterday” with the word “Remember” banner will. “There is No justice. There is No peace. We are not going to forget. Today we are all George Floyd”.

Allegations that have been joined by other familiar faces from the world of entertainment, sport and politics.