The diet secret that Salma Hayek is prepared before a big event | Shows


Salma Hayek is not only a great actress, but also one of the most beautiful women in the world of cinema. However, as she herself has confessed, not tata only of genetics, also to the personal efforts.

In fact, before a big event, such as the delivery of the Prizes Oscar, it slightly changes their routines and are prepared especially for such occasions. She has been recognized not to be able to follow a strict diet or be a great fan of exercise, but it has some healthy routines that will help keep your physique.

For example, take the opportunity to walk for a longer time when walking their dogs. In addition, when you train you choose the sessions short but intense, as the interval exercise. A type of training that you don’t have to spend a lot of time per day, with about 20 minutes will be enough, but, yes, you will need to be at maximum power.

However, there is a practice that has made all of life and that for her it is essential, both physical and emotional, and is that from time to time, during two or three days, his diet is based only on the consumption of juices.

His theory is so that you can detoxify your body, eliminating those substances that do not need and they sometimes produce a feeling of swelling or discomfort. That’s why, if you have gone through a period in which care has been taken in some food, turn to this trick, slogan Vanitatis.

“The purification of the body through the consumption of juice is for me like meditation: it helps me relax, to concentrate and to be aware of the positive reactions that you experience my body”he confessed in an interview.

In fact, this has even led to founding his own company, Cooler Cleanse, which is responsible for preparing and sending the drinks of fruits and vegetables are necessary for those who decide to follow in the footsteps of the actress and make this semiayuno once in a while. It is a collection of six beverages that you must take in throughout the day, about every two hours, and involve an intake of about 1,200 calories.

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