The last message of Zara Abid, a model that died in the air crash


An airplane accident occurred in Pakistan this day ended the life of more than one hundred persons, among them the one of the model pakistani Zara Abid.

Circulating on the Internet the last message that you typed in your social networks Zara Abid, who unfortunately lost his life in the accident.

Zara was only 28 years of age and the life was shut off in a second.

Volá high, is good”, is the last message that the beautiful model wrote on Instagram, and cause a stir, because it appears she’s posing inside of a plane.

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According to reports of international media, the plane of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flying from Lahore to Karachi when it is apparently presented a breakdown and that’s why he fell.

People of the press office of Zara Abib confirmed via Twitter that she was among the passengers of the plane and was returning from Lahore after attending the funeral of a family member.

The publication of the model on Instagram with her last message became viral on the Internet and in addition cause a stir, as it was very pretty, young and have surely a future surely successful.

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