The man who was in love with Sophie Turner before marrying Joe Jonas


A renowned Hollywood star was platonic love, for years, the English actress.

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The beautiful actress Sophie Turner revealed that prior to meeting her husband Joe Jonas he was obsessed with another Hollywood star; this fact led her to devise different strategies to man to be placed in it.

The star of Game of Thrones on one occasion, revealed to Twitter Movies, official account of the same social network dedicated to sharing film content, how he was madly in love with one of the actors Friends and how you tried to approach him on several occasions.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the actor Matthew Perry, who played the iconic Chandler Bing in Friends. Turnerin the middle of the interview, he had to read tweets old and telling why he wrote, leaving evidence of his platonic love for the actor of 49 years.

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Sophie told that always was a big fan of the series Friendsin special Matthew Perry, therefore, had always dreamed of meeting him in person. Years after the end of the program, the actress realized that the famous actor was rehearsing for a play near his residence.

Immediately, Turner began to look for the way that Perry was quoted in it and made the decision to see up close their work. The young woman tells how every day he saw the man go outside to smoke, so I bought a cigarette lighter to wait for the right time to go and give you fire.

His first attempt was unsuccessful; for this reason, his next plan was to make a tweet to call their attention and, in this way, you expect the actor to respond to the message and the invite to come out:

Oh my god. Chanandler Bong in person is rehearsing his play to the side of my house” wrote Turner in January of 2016. For the fate of Joe Jonas, Matthew Perry never saw the message Sophie Turnerbecause 10 months after the actress, who gives life to Sansa Stark, met the love of his life whom he married this year, in the month of may, in Las Vegas, united States.

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