The Marginal 4: what will happen with the recordings?

Culell said that while it will remain a date of filming for this year, and the plan is to film two seasons together, the strip that tells the life of inmates it will air only in 2021. “Surely we’re going to have in the air The Marginal for the coming year” she said at a dialogue with For if the flies.

When asked about the measures that should be taken now at the time of recording, the producer said: “We are working on a protocol that is within the established. There’s going to be an intermediate stage where working with distance, with few people and a minor deployment”.

For now for The Marginal we have a start date of filming for this yearin the spring, being a little utopian and unrealistic. But all of this is assuming that you will do in health terms,” said and added that “we Hope to be able to record this year’s two seasons together, but we still don’t know. The air sure 2021”.

The producer indicated that they will maintain a sanitary protocol, but that it is looking at ways to start producing fictions: “There are productions that can be postponed and others that do not. But within that allow the health system is going to have to find a middle stage in which we begin to activate the work because otherwise it’s going to make it impossible. Because there are companies that are breaking. The audiovisual industry is going to be one of the last to pick up the pieces. We are seeing between all of us that make up the industry we can start to go back without putting at risk the health of anyone”.

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