The mask does not prevent us from noticing that the love is in the air (and on HBO)


The romantic comedy seemed to land almost forbidden on tv. Had to turn it into a hybrid for it to work, as he did Jane the virgin with his love letter to the soap opera and the mysteries more ridiculous (and also the recent

that is framed in science fiction!), because of the way the project seemed to be sinking. There were a few series that aimed at ways and fell by its own weight, as Cupid or A to Z or Manhattan Love Story or Selfie, who had problems to keep that spark pizpireta of the rom-com of all time, and its perpetuation in an arc of dozens of episodes. But do not rule out that this is their best time because finally lovers creative of rom-coms understand the potential of television.

The secret of this new stage is that it is understood that one of the metamorphosis of television of this past decade, he suddenly looked up at the series of anthology as a way of being concise with a specific story, it can be exploited in favor of the genre. For example, Mindy Kaling rewrote Four weddings and a funeral as a romantic comedy television lightweight but dependable (at least until that sinks the entire season in the last episode), which can be found in Atresplayer. In 2019 we find
Modern Love Amazon Prime Video
falling in love right and left with episodes autoconclusivos (especially the first few episodes, charming and original). And this 2020 is the turn of your Love Life HBO, filing more than solid.

Anna Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick.

The idea is that each season focuses on a journey, romantic different. The first features Anna Kendrick (A small favor), a girl who’s not had the best benchmark of a couple on their parents, who even remembers them together and created new families with new partners. Has always felt a little alone, being able to have fun with people of the opposite sex but having problems to connect. What that tells us Love Life it is when her life gets interesting and, according to a glimpse of the first few episodes, will get to know the men who pass by your life during the interval of five years or a decade.

The best thing is that the series is sold alone, only with take a look. Anna Kendrick is an expert in close, sympathetic, adorable, not understanding its Darby as a person mediocre, but simply a young woman trying to survive in a city of New York, where success is not easy, much less when you dedicate yourself to the art world. The narrator, who places the viewer in the situation, and forward details of the future, introduces you to some tale atmosphere modern.

Luck of the friends.

Luck of the friends.

A light in the line of the episodes inspired Modern loveeach episode knows how to make you understand the situation with agility, present the candidate romantic and convert those minutes of love in a fun, playful, and without the need to convert to Darby, or potential boyfriends in ridiculous, morons or lunatics. Love Life it is a romantic comedy with a clear opinion on love: the other does not have to be a sucker for the relationship to go belly up. Sometimes just things don’t work out, life gets in the middle or a situation brings out the worst of one’s self.

So, after having us glued to the screen with a drama feminist and activist as Mrs America, it does not hurt that HBO will bring us a romantic comedy so nice as this. For those who want still more, there is always the option of meeting the adorable series Korean

Romance is a bonus book
on Netflix or the israeli The baker and the beauty
Amazon Prime Video. The start of the summer and, for the more we mask, the love is in the air.