The must-see mash-up christmas Marilyn Manson with Mariah Carey


Marilyn Manson it is one of the figures most disturbing of the musical scene of these decades. Despite its look extravagant, we know that the artist of Ohio also has a great sense of humor and a side very pop. One example of this is that a few months ago she posed alongside Taylor Swift in a photo that generated a wave of memes.

Well, now the rocker is back together with a diva pop in a mashup created by Bill McClintocka YouTube user who mixed with cunning “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, classic christmas Mariah Carey with “The Beautiful People”the subject of Manson released in 1996 as a simple The God Of Fuck. As was expected, the result has become viral within a few hours of being uploaded to the internet.

It should be noted that McClintock is already known by many as the author of other mixes such as “Billie Jean s Got Another Thing Comin” Judas Jackson “and” Careless In The Abyss” by Wham/Slayer. In them also combines the best of an artist’s metal with a pop star.

Enjoy “All I Want For Christmas is the Beautiful People” at the end of this note. The last thing that we had reported about Manson was his version of a theme of The Doors.

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