the new Lady Gaga video has references to the game


It is No secret that the singer, actress and songwriter Lady Gaga knows the world of video games, about everything related to Bayonetta. And this became clear with the release of his latest music video, “Rain on Me”, accompanied by Ariana Grande, in which several fans have found various references to the iconic character of Nintendo and Platinum Games.

The first of these has to do with a scene where both artists appear swords, while moving the hair to the rhythm of the music. These movements, and the construction of the scene itself, resemble a lot to what makes Bayonetta. In the game, the witch used her long hair to throw powerful attacks at their enemies and so they did notice the fans on Twitter.

There were also comparisons between the duo of Gaga and Grande, with which it appears in the video game, Bayonetta and Jeane. The costume changes of both singers, the hairstyles and the style of the sci-fi of the video clip were the main reasons of comparison between the two scenarios. Both in the game, like in the video, both are intimate friends and at the same time rivals, so much so that exchanged hairstyles.

Gaga and Ariana exchanging hairstyles, as Jeanne and Bayonetta.

But these references are not the product of chance. Lady Gaga was playing Bayonetta a couple of years ago and so made it known to her millions of followers on Twitter, so this was more of a “tribute” to the singer of the famous witch from Platinum Games.

I’m still playing Bayonetta to half of chapter XIII and hurt my hands. I need to sleep, are the damn 4 in the morning, but this damn dragon with the face of that I have to kill him with my armor. I will give him another chance in the morning #Gamer. Respect to the experts. I need emotional support.

What did you think of this “tribute” of Gaga to Bayonetta? If you have not seen the video of which you speak, then you can do it.

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