The palette of make-up Rihanna, that Mariah Carey would choose for their looks of Christmas, is exclusively at Sephora


Christmas is a time of great celebrations where we love to meet with some of the traditions known as the Advent calendars, the gifts of the invisible friend or Mariah Carey.

Yes, she could not miss in this selection, because every year around this time the american singer returns to our lives. Throughout his tour of christmas we see its a waste of voice, energy, brightness, and color.

A show where it is inevitable to sing along at the pace of your success All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (‘All I want for Christmas is you’), that 25 years later remains a phenomenon of sales.

So, inspired by this well-known topic, we must confess our love for a palette of makeup from Sephora, because everything that we we want for the holidays are their shadows. We refer to the palette Moroccan Spice that belongs precisely to the line of beauty of another diva, Rihanna.

A proposal that would also make the delights of the great Mariah Carey, given its spectacular looks of Christmas, where the discretion and the boredom never are present.

Fenty Beauty, the mark of the artist from Barbados, is selling this palette exclusively in Spain in Sephora. Available for 52 euros, they are a total of 16 shades of shadows very pigmented with that we will solve all the make-up of the christmas holidays.

The palette proposes a wide variety of colorsfrom the brown neutral that serve as a transition to the more daring green or gold.

Without forgetting that Moroccan Spice has finishes of matte, satin, pearl and metallic to suit every moment of our morning and our night, a option suitable for 24 hours of the day.

The signature of Rihanna created this makeup, inspired by the sensations and flavours of Moroccoalthough we see it, we can’t stop thinking about how to shine our eyes to the bet on it for any occasion christmasfrom the company dinner until the night of Kings.

Additionally, with the new formulas of long duration that has developed Fenty Beautyresist without problem our intense social agenda that is typical of these dates. Also highlighting for look of wonder to the eyelids so they are free of creases while keeping a very light feel.

We do not know if one day Mariah Carey and Rihanna they will do a duet musical, but hopefully because they both have confessed on many occasions his mutual admiration.

While both of us as we have united in this Christmas thanks to this versatile palette of makeup. Sephora, two artists, two styles, and a eye shadows are our particular miracle of christmas.