The physical change of Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and you will be amazed


If you saw the movies “Karate Kid” and After Earth” with Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, you’ll be surprised then with the great change that has given to his appearance.

With a height of 1.70 centimeters, the singer and actor, completely transformed his physical appearance, with a face more elongated by the weight loss, and a hair turned pink, which continues to generate questions from their followers to not find answers for why so much change.

Its 21 years, Jaden Smithis not the same young man that looked handsome in appearances alongside his father in the events of Hollywood.

Now and without any explanation, it is also placed dental implants pink glow, showing a boy rather scruffy.

Why the new appearance of Jaden Smith

The response to change is so surprising, is the great question that is multiplied among those who have seen it grow on the big screen as the son of Will Smith.

The public has been witness to its evolution from a child to a young actor, to see him participate in such films as “In the pursuit of happiness”(2006)next to his father, then in Karate Kid (2010) and ending with “After Earth (2013).

In this last tape, the failure to knock at your door. A film of a production cost of $ 130 million, is only generated at the box office $ 60 million, so this could be the reason of that was not called over to join a cast film.

Your look with some dreads that filled his head, he was back as the success that it had when in 2010 he composed a song with the singer Justin Bieber. Now there is a Jaden Smith who is concerned about the environment and its preservation.

The struggle of Jaden Smith for “change”

His personality is irreverent and critical thinking full of rebellion, never to pass unnoticed in this society, in which a Jaden opposite to the stereotypes said that the “money is not distributed proportionally in this world.”

Jaden and his father Will now launched Just Water, a brand of water that uses packaging made of paper and plants. “This year will die 3 million people did not have access to clean water,” he said in an interview published in The Country, in which he also predicted that “there will be many climate change refugees”.

Perhaps his change of appearance due to his desire to change the rest of the things that surround it. For this reason argues that it is not an optimistic person. “I know that a lot of good people are going to suffer, I want others to be aware of this. To inspire change in other people, it only occurs to me to change myself”, said Jaden Smith.