The trick of beauty of Demi Lovato to have a seductive look


The singer Demi Lovato has one of the looks seductive, more intriguing of the show business american. A part of his secret is to have a positive attitude, a high self-esteem and one that other makeup trick.

And is that Demi is pure inspiration in terms of beauty and style. Now it is your hair black and your eyes the one that has all the attention of his followers and fans.

Recently, the singer revealed what is your trick to have a seductive look and interesting, that he loves all his fans.

The same Demi said that his greatest ally and secret of beauty is the concealer.

“There are times that it is impossible to have a skin completely smooth or perfect, so that this element is a salvation,” he explained in an interview.

Said that in matters of beauty she prefers to do it and when you can’t, for matters of time, try to learn everything you can from the experts who advise in his image.

In order to obtain such a captivating image and captivating, Demi Lovato explained that she brushed up her eyebrows to give an expression super interesting to your look.

Then, it passes eyeliner and defines up and down. Finally, a lot of mascara. “So simple is my secret, without many complications, and all the girls can do,” said the singer.

A good sleep

To take care of yourself and stay healthy, the artist of 27 years is also recommended to get enough sleep every night not only to rest the mind and the body, but also the eyes and the expression lines of the face.

“This will prevent those nasty dark circles that simulate a wear horrible, I hate it and so tried to sleep enough,” he argued.

In addition, she recommends staying hydrated, preferably with water. So the skin and body are cleaned. “Taking more than seven glasses a day and I love the natural juices because they add a lot of energy to the organism.”

She autocalifica as a “girl very simple”, and that’s why it always looks splendid. Every day shows that their old problems by eating disorders that led her to be institutionalized is a thing of the past.

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