the tricks of an expert to a look more nice and big


Brown, blue, green, so dark that they seem black… no matter what the color of your iris because if you find the eye makeup right, you’re going to get out more than ever. Beyond its spiritual meaning, the proverb “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” shows the importance that has always had this facial feature in the rituals of beauty, and in these times, acquires a special relevance. The reason is not other than the mandatory use of masks, which leave covered the lower half of the face and make the eyes become the center of attention whenever you go out to the street. And as dermatologists recommend avoiding makeup in areas that fall under the tissue, the time has come to refine the techniques to get this part of the face stand out like never before.

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Did you know that if you apply your under eye concealer you’re throwing years?

Learn how to erase dark circles under the eyes

Whereas before you could hide a sleepless night with a lip balm intense that to deviate the attention towards the mouth, now the trick is to refine the use of the checker when you can. From Yves Rocher, reveal what is the first step essential for a perfect finish. “Just as important – or more – that make up the eye contour is to prepare well so that it is natural and lasts longer. Uses formulas hydrating and light that nourish without taxing the delicate skin of this area so that the product does not move or quarter”. In addition to applying a small amount and add more if needed, since the brand also warn that “the concealer is made to cover: therefore, should melt with the skin touchingwithout drag”. To mist it, use the pads of the fingers to make own heat of the skin, emulsify the formula or a brush synthetic detail.

The most common mistake when applying the mascara

Many celebrities ensure that when you do not wear make-up the rest of the face, this is the only step that I never forget before you leave the house. Reason is not lacking because one or two layers of this cosmetic makes, you seem more awake in less than a minute. You can find formulas that lengthen, which can densify even try with brushes that achieve the famous look feline, whatever your choice, make sure that you apply it correctly. The first thing you should avoid is an error that few are saved: “When you roll and get the brush, go a amount of air in the tube which can dry the product and produce lumps”explains David Deibis, makeup from Perricone MD. The result would be lashes acartonadas and with an excessive concentration in certain areas.

And now that the hygiene occupies a role even more important than before, pull out and poke the brush from the tube each time you use it also causes the formula from contamination: “The entering air may include bacteria that corrupt the product, and this can affect the health of our eyelashes,” explained from the brand specialized Revitalash.

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Mask, ‘eyeliner’, concealer… Everything that you need to have a pretty look in 5 minutes

The secret of the curling iron

Candice Swanepoel, Emily Ratajkowski or the make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury ensure that the curling of eyelashes to make the eye makeup completely if used right. From Sephora explains some of the tricks with getting the most out of the tool: “The ideal way to use it is pressing on the chosen point of the tabs 3 to 5 seconds and then move it up slightlypressing it repeatedly in a gesture upward to form a gentle curve”. As precautions, be sure to clean the rubber on the curler make-up remover for eyes often and, most importantly, to use it as a gesture prior to your routine: “The curler must be one of the first steps of the makeup. And in addition, should never be used on eyelashes made up, but always before you apply the mask”… at the risk of you leaving.

The ‘eyeliner’ is always a hit

Did you know that according to a study by Captify the search of the looks of eyes have risen by 52%? And the eyeliner it is one of the products with which it reaches the transformation more dramatic. To achieve the perfect line from Perricone MD explains that “the trick is to slightly lift the outer corner of the eyes, as if they were a puppet and someone pull slightly them up”. To do this, you can start the line from the tear or from the middle of the eye and engrosarla to penetrate a few millimeters of the outer edge. As a council, from L’oréal Paris they warn that “the outlined extragruesos or very uniform age and deslucen the look. Instead of overloading the eyelids, make a cat eye fine and perfect”.

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Perfect eyebrows, legs softer… All of the tips that you should follow to depilate at home

So achieving the perfect eyebrows

Finally, the eyebrows. That part of the face that is becoming more and more important over the years since Cara Delevingne became fashionable a style wild and overgrown, is the one that is going to get framed for a complete look. Gisela Forest, Make-Up Artist from Sephora, decubre the technique with which to enhance them to the max with a finish that is very natural: “The summer is synonymous with lightweight formulas and make-up bit re-charged. Use a pen to fill it subtly your eyebrows and define the tip. Alárgala and elévala for a look more youthful and sensual“. In terms of color, “flee the shades are very dark: it is better that the mine is more clear, the eyebrows to give them dimension without tupirlas too,” advises the expert.

The icing on the cake to emphasize the arc and get an expression the deeper is the illuminator, which must be applied at strategic points: “gives the final touch by applying a little under the arch, in the upper area of the bone, in order to raise them, and the eyebrows, to open and illuminate”. With these simple steps you get a look of impact that far exceeds the test of the mask.