This is her favorite song


Our idols are a part of our lives and although sometimes we think that there is no one better than our favorite performers, they also have benchmarks with which to draw inspiration. Beyoncé may well be one of them. Is the singer most famous, an icon in the world of music and, as strange as that seems to us, also have favorite groups as BTS.

Why this band? We know that SleepDeez has confessed the artist has been heard on more than one occasion the guys of Big Hit Entertainment. So much so that even the us has favorites. ‘My Time’ is the song that has managed to fall in love with the star. And we are not surprised! The south koreans are reinventing the music and find it very difficult not to captivate with their style wherever they go.

Now that they have released some of the musical preferences of the artist, we do not doubt that BTS will see how it increases your fame. The fact that a renowned singer to include, as a preference, a musical boy band in south korea awaken the curiosity of many of the followers of the singer which lead to the letter any of their recommendations.

Although we do not know with what frequency listening to the above-mentioned group, we are sure that might be helpful for you to escape from these troubled times that we live in today. The health crisis has unleashed chaos in the great majority of the countries of our planet, and especially in the united States. It is precisely in this country where the artist is looking to be involved especially.

Numerous are the initiatives that have already taken place since the beginning of the pandemic to help those people that are being hurt most with the terrible consequences of the COVID-19. Ending hunger is one of the main goals of the singer. Your fight for injustice is a factor that gives us more reasons if it is to declare ourselves hardcore fans of Beyoncé.