Video: recreated the futuristic motorbike from “Men in Black” and surprised the networks


27 may, 2020 22:13

The images surprised to the internet users of social networks who will quickly the viralizaron within the different platforms.

A video that is viralizó the social media shows the incredible ingenuity, that had a young man to make a bike with a particular style. The images, from Philippinescaught the attention because the vehicle is very similar to that seen in the movie of Will Smith, Men in Black 3.

The owner of this invention decided to try it out in the street and called the attention of the passers-by who were around the place. Unlike many believe this type of transport are very easy to maneuver.

According to the website The Republicthe owner of the bike said: “The motorcycle from a single wheel is a difficult thing to balance when stopping and starting, but it is fairly balanced while you are driving“.

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“This young man lives in the future”, “it Seems very risky to ride a moticicleta as well”, “What a great way to take advantage of the free time”, are some of the witty comments that YouTube users have made in this video.

Video: recreated the futuristic motorbike from “Men in Black” and was surprised to networks. (Photo: screen Capture).

The true story of the bike of one wheel

While this type of transport are considered to be futuristic, the reality is that it was an invention of the Italian Davide Cislaghi. In a film dating from 1923 it can be seen as a man driving a bike with a giant wheel as a “housing”.

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Apparently this idea was the one that then ended up bringing to the big screen in the hand of the franchise Men in Black starring the actor Will Smith who gets into the skin of agent J, and is a partner of agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

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Video: The Republic