“We cannot argue with the referees, but men can escupirles”


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Serena Williams has returned to raise her voice to be very critical with the differences that, according to her, there are between the tennis male and the female. A few months ago made a statement expressing that “the day you stop fighting for equality, I shall be in my grave.”

In addition, already confessed on one occasion his displeasure with regard to the wage gap that exists in many tournaments inside tennis: “I don’t deserve to charge less because I have breasts and they do not.”

Now has wanted to express his discomfort at the time of the deal that will make the referees respect of the treatment that they do with men and women.

“I think that tennis has come a very, very long road, but to women we are not allowed to discuss with the referees, or we run the risk that we take away the games, and men can escupirles and nothing happens”, he confessed in an interview for the Huffington Post.

It is not something new that Serena Williams has had mishaps with any chair umpire. Occurred in the US open in 2018, when he had a discussion with one of the arbitrators, Carlos Ramos due to that he received instructions from his team, something that is not allowed in the regulations. All this made that the chair umpire will penalizing with a point.

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