what is removed forever from the music? His son, Jayden Federline, he talks about his future

It is painfully obvious that Britney Spears is not the only family with an innate talent to revolutionize social networks. Her youngest son Jayden Federline, fruit of the marriage of the singer with her ex Kevin Federline, has made a direct on Instagram on Tuesday in which he responded bluntly all the questions of his followers without biting the tongue in no time.

No topic was taboo for the young man: of the first confessions of the young famous, was asked about the musical career of his mother to which he replied that Britney Spears might retire from the music -that she would have confessed that could not return never– the young boyfriend of the singer, Sam Asghari -who has a very good opinion because it seems “a great guy”-, or problems of their own with his maternal grandfather.

At the beginning of September of last year, the father of Jayden filed a complaint against his former father-in-law, Jamie Spears, in which she claimed to have been physically assaulted his grandson Sean while he was visiting your home. Although in the end Kevin decided not to take action and solve all of that unpleasant business away from the courts, by the words that Jayden has dedicated now to your grandfather, it jumps to the view that maintains such a bad relationship with him as his older brother.

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